Paid Apps, Further Growth, Further Discussion

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Re: Paid Apps, Further Growth, Further Discussion

Postby agwerschky » Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:28 am

Guess this thread never got updated....

Answers to some of these are in the FAQ

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Re: Paid Apps, Further Growth, Further Discussion

Postby cpg » Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:46 pm

Hi, yes, thanks for pointing that out. We did do a round of answers, and we just added a couple of your questions to the faq page.

For these other (less frequently asked questions) ...
His questions:
1. What do I get for my money? Is this one time or every time there's an update?
2. How quickly will they get out security updates?
3. Why is the OS upgraded without the apps?
4. How much of this money goes to fedora?

My Questions:
1. If I submit an app, and amahi charges for it, what's my cut?
2. If there's a paid app, like Squeezebox, can I submit a free version of it? If not, why not?
btw apps in beta that have a fee can be bought while in beta (we're testing this idea).

what you get is the convenience of getting the app installed with the one-click installer and some support for that part.

the OS is just separate from the apps - there is really no direct relation. OS/platform updates rarely break apps.

for the last few years we have contributed patches to upstream fedora as well as mirrors of their iso images. they will not take cash donations (not that we have much at all). given how the fedora community behaves, we're beginning to think *we* should be getting compensated for using fedora. as much as we like it, it's becoming harder and harder to continue using fedora as the base of amahi.

if you are the author of an app you submit you can set whatever fees you like on top. If you do not own the app, you get amahi credit as a packager (we cannot hand out cash yet - we'd need to hire lawyers, etc.; maybe when things scale).

you can package and app and maintain it, of course. and if you ensure that it works, support it and maintain it regularly, then sure, you can make it available free. you will still get amahi credit.

don't hesitate to ask, as we're trying to make sure we come up with things that essentially work for everyone.

it;s a two way street, one interesting thing that happened recently was that as we reached app owners we were a bit surprised to see two people owning apps telling us that they're ok with the one-click fee but that they do not want to add any fee of their own.

i guess if someone were to provide Amahi to others for a fee, like hardware distributors do, we would not go ask them for money (though they can join the Amahi Ready program if they want some support, etc.)

or, similar to what other people do, like the person selling the OpenVPN iphone app advertising here in Amahi land.
as long as there is some value provided and the en user is happy with a reasonable fee for the added value, it's all good.

anyway, please do feel free to ask more questions.
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Re: Paid Apps, Further Growth, Further Discussion

Postby agwerschky » Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:01 pm

Thank you for the prompt response to my questions.

I really like amahi, and I'd like to remain an advocate for it in the long run.

I very much hope that the changes you are making will keep the community going for the long term.

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