cant initialize hda (cant login)

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cant initialize hda (cant login)

Postby scttm » Mon Dec 20, 2021 3:13 am

Hello there!

I got some trouble after install amahi 11 on fedora 27.

can't create login when browsing http://hda/start

Error translating as "incorrect login or password"

I’ve tried different combo of login/password but had no result.

please help what the problem could be?
Many thanks!

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Re: cant initialize hda (cant login)

Postby bigfoot65 » Mon Dec 20, 2021 1:20 pm

Which installation method did you use?

The credentials for the dashboard should match the ones you created if using Minimal/Full Install DVD. Note you have to enter the password twice.

If you used the Express DVD, the credentials are provided on the install page that were automatically created for you.

The key here is to use whatever use was created along with the approriate password. Do not make up a new user name or password.

Hope that helps.
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