Plex DVR and Live TV?

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Plex DVR and Live TV?

Postby jkbuckethead » Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:59 pm

I recently purchased a TV tuner to use with my plex server. The tuner is working on the plex server hosted on my synology NAS, but it lacks the horsepower to transcode on the fly. I want to move my plex server back to my HDA, which has more CPU, but I do not see any Live TV or DVR settings when I go HDA plex server settings.

According to the plex site, version 1.4.1 or higher should support at least the DVR function. The version of amahi-plex currently installed on my machine is The most current (non-plex plass) linux version of plex is version Admittedly amahi-plex is a little out of date, but considering it meets the v1.4.1 criteria it seems I should be seeing the DVR option,

I am signed in the my plex account, and I do have a plex pass subscription. The server is not available remotely due to firewall issues, but it is fully functional on my network.

I am currently using the amahi-plex one-click package. Before I commit resort to manually installing a newer version I'd like to know if other users are able to use the DVR function. I don't want to mess with my current setup without a reasonable expectation that I'll get the results I'm hoping see.

Is anyone successfully using plex live TV or DVR on Amahi? If yes, any special tips on getting it working?

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