Streaming music from Paris

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Streaming music from Paris

Postby maartenpelgrim » Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:33 am

Dear Amahi users,

I just wanted to share a small, fun and cool story with you. Since about a year now, I've been using Amahi, first only as a home-server, and a couple of months ago I installed openvpn, so that I can also use it "outside". I use it to access my files, and to stream my music.

Last week, I was in Paris, (I live somewhere in the Netherlands, so it's literally just a couple of hours to drive). I was really curious to see (or hear), if I could access my Amahi-server from a distance of some 400 miles. And I could! It worked perfectly! This meant that I could listen to the music on my home-server wherever I was.

Just wanted to share that one with you all, and big thanks to Amahi!


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