Crashplan for Greyhole Backups

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Crashplan for Greyhole Backups

Postby darknessgp » Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:07 am

I've been reading some on how greyhole and crashplan interact and can cause issues... though most of that seems to be when using a greyhole share as the destination for a crashplan backup.

My question is, what are the consequences of using crashplan to backup my greyhole shares. i.e. I have a "Backup" share that is greyhole+1, I want crashplan to back everything in that share up to the cloud as well as an external HDD (that is not in greyhole). Are there any gotchas that I may be missing or possible issues? I'm utilizing mount shares locally service to get the share into crashplan and it appears to be working correctly, but I have noticed that my hdd are not spinning down like I think they should as well as crashplan saying it backed up files an hour ago when that share hasn't actually changed in days.

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