Also Confused.. The apps that appear FREE (no price) how to install

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Re: Also Confused.. The apps that appear FREE (no price) how to install

Postby Tcichowicz » Sat Sep 19, 2015 12:54 pm

i'm sticking a fork in it... I'm done.

as far as feedback ..

if you possibly provided a level between free and paid level ... for $1-$2 a month I would consider subscribing. However that of course assumes I got it working....

I've been working with computers dos,windows,linux,mac since 1981 -- and the sinclair computer in 1979.

I setup these type of solutions before .. but charging a fee monthly you really need to get some bang for the buck. From what I can see you really don't provided much more that I can get on my Synology NAS or my install of OMV.

I'm just trying to keep abreast of what's out there, as many consult me for reccomendations; this one is not going on my list of those I would recommend sorry. Perhaps I'll take another look at a later date. But I've already spent too much time just try to get basic functionality.

I'm not saying it's not something I've not caused, or failed to do correctly; quite possibly ALL my fault and something I overlooked or missed. But that in itself is a test of your system/installation. As well as the support that follows trying to get it up and running. In this case, it's a useless box on my network using up an IP address.

I will be wiping the SSD shortly -- preping for another test of something....

thanks for the time you spent, sorry I took so much of your time. Also if I seemed impatient or rude - I notice that happening after turning 62. I seem to also yell out the window at kids to keep off my grass!

take care and good luck with your system.. seems like it has potential. To bad I didn't get chance to take it around the block for a spin.

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