If not Ubuntu, why not CentOS instead of Fedora?

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If not Ubuntu, why not CentOS instead of Fedora?

Postby flexraid » Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:11 pm

Hey guys,

This is Brahim from the FlexRAID project.
I have been a long time fan of Amahi and always wished to have a nice integration between our projects.

I was fairly excited when Amahi was supported on Ubuntu. The product I was working on (Transparent RAID), however, wasn't ready at the time for the integration.
Transparent RAID was finally released a few days ago for the Linux platform, and I have been busy working on a set of officially supported distributions.

Supported so far are Ubuntu and its derivatives and RHEL and its derivatives.
Technically, this means Fedora is supported, but I am making a choice to only support distributions with Long-Term Support releases.
The main reason for this is to have a fairly stable ABI to support for each distribution in order to reduce the effort required.

Without second-guessing your reasons for moving from Ubuntu to Fedora, I am wondering why you guys did not choose CentOS instead.
Keeping up with both API and ABI changes in fast moving distributions like Fedora is taxing - especially, when you have to support other distributions.

In any case, I just wanted to start the conversation and see what your opinions and insights are.

Thanks and keep up the excellent work. :)

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