Is dreamplug painless?

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Re: Is dreamplug painless?

Postby rhubarb » Mon Dec 19, 2011 4:16 pm

Unfortunately no one has chimed in on my Greyhole problems yet

To make matters worse, I tried setting up an Eclipse workspace and rails app in a share and Greyhole has gone wild, complaing that my storage pool disks are full (which they arent)

Dec 20 00:07:24 7 write: 0 metafiles loaded.
Dec 20 00:07:25 4 write: Warning! All storage pool drives are over-capacity!
Dec 20 00:07:25 7 write: Drives full: /mnt/500GB_1/gh (319GB free) - /mnt/500GB_2/gh (294GB free)
Dec 20 00:07:25 4 write: No metadata files could be created. Will wait until metadata files can be created to work on this file.

As far Amahi on ARM goes
I suggest that Amahi gets back into plug computers again as the new Rapberry Pi is so cheap its going to make micro Webservers very popular. Someone was blogging about how useful they will be for home automation etc. Amahi should be on that wave.


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Re: Is dreamplug painless?

Postby bigfoot65 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:34 pm

Sorry to hear things are not getting better. Plugs are best for basic servers, but don't seem to work well for advanced things.

I know we had app limitations as there are not as good of support by Fedora for ARM. It appears it was just one of those fads which is slowly fading away and never really took off. Too bad, there is a lot of potential if OS support gets better.
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