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Troubleshooting the amahi 5.0 installer

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:17 am
by cpg
We have seen a couple of instances of the new installer not starting properly, so i thought i'd post directions on how to troubleshoot the amahi installer. copying what's there at the time of this writing below.

Troubleshooting the Amahi Installer

If the installer does not work, the user sees Firefox having problem connecting with the installer:

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can't connect to localhost:2000
The first step is in figuring out what went wrong:

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cat /tmp/amahi-ruby-installer.log
One reason it could fail is if sinatra cannot be installed:

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gem_original_require: no such file to load -- sinatra (LoadError)
This could be due to connectivity/networking issues, because, because the new web based installer starts by installing the framework it needs, call sinatra.
[edit] Running behind a Proxy

To install sinatra behind a proxy, type this (as root):

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gem --no-rdoc --no-ri --http-proxy http://yourproxyurl/ sinatra service amahi-installer restart