Install on Ubuntu from source

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Install on Ubuntu from source

Postby koukos » Tue Jan 06, 2009 8:06 am

i want to install amahi on ubuntu. Can someone please tell me where i can download the sources and what libraries i need to install?

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Re: Install on Ubuntu from source

Postby salocinbake » Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:46 pm

I'm no expert, but I have been using Ubuntu for 3 years. This is my 1st contact with fedora, and I can say I feel much at home.

Since the point of Amahi is to be a headless, why not install it in it's original form.

Might save you problems down the road. ;)

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Re: Install on Ubuntu from source

Postby koukos » Fri Jan 09, 2009 7:14 am

I have my ubuntu home server running for over 3 years and every time i have installed fedora, i always have problems with yum.
Anyway i prefer to take my chances to compile amahi than to change distro on my server.

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Re: Install on Ubuntu from source

Postby cpg » Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:25 pm

it's not a simple process. many people have tried and failed.

this is not to discourage you. on the contrary, this is to set expectations that it's not a simple process.

even though we have put some hoows to make it easier going forward, just to give you an idea, the transition from F8 to F9 took well over two weeks of two developers having at it in pretty tight iteration.

most people who tried simply expected to get the SRPMs (which you can find details on where they are in, throw it to alien and get an ubuntu/debian package, and that would be it. that is FAR from what needs to be done.

we try to make it as simple as possible from the user point of view, however, to do that, there is a lot of (sometimes ugly) detail that goes behind the scenes into installing amahi. some of this, expects certain files to be in certain places, it expect the amahi yum repo installed, etc.

there are several things needed, like

- how to add repos (yum or apt) to an ubuntu distro
- how to get the installer going
- fixing and/or parametrization of the location of the various tools used during install
- bootstrapping the RoR environment and the proper deployment of RoR under ubuntu
... and many more (not to mention maintenance).

again, this not to discourage you. this is open source. requesting it many times will not make it happen magically. the main developer team is more familiar with fedora and rpm distros than ubuntu and apt/deb based distros.

if you are serious about it and want to help on this effort:

- join the devel mailing list
- come by the irc to coordinate
- expect it to be a long-term effort

while i agree that being headless makes it somewhat pointless what distro (as long as it's is stable), i do fully recognize that having a comfy environment under the hood is a big deal for many developers out there. heck, it is for me, that's why we picked fedora.

i hope you consider that and join us in the effort to support ubuntu!

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Re: Install on Ubuntu from source

Postby PeterH » Thu May 07, 2009 4:22 am


I discovered Amahi just a week ago, reading an article in a magazine of which I am a member. You're project is very interesting and I would like to contribute. Using Ubuntu from version 4 I am well known with the way things work within Ubuntu.

You have some questions about how ubuntu works. Adding repos is done via (talking ubuntu server) the apt-get tool which uses a file (/etc/apt/sources.list) which contain all of the repos. Adding a repo to this list during install, like with you're Fedora install, is not that easy with ubuntu.
As for getting the installer going, I am not yet clear about what this installer does and what the RoR environment is or does.


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Re: Install on Ubuntu from source

Postby moredruid » Thu May 07, 2009 7:50 am

adding a repo during install maybe not that easy, but once you've got a vanilla ubuntu install it's trivial to add.

you really need to make sure that everything that is in the base F9 install is also in the Ubuntu install dependency wise. Also: versions may throw some packages off too. So the Amahi package needs to check a lot of things during an Ubuntu install which it can just assume to be correct in a Fedora install. This won't be easy, especially since fedora & ubuntu (debian) do some things differently out of the box (fedora sendmail vs. ubuntu exim to name 1 example).

searching for locations/parameterization has been done countless times (check the latest nmap source for a reference for example) and shouldn't be too hard.
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Re: Install on Ubuntu from source

Postby ichat » Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:01 am

to be clear about stuff first, im not a linux guru, ... and even less a programming linux guru,
hell i dot even know how to do a 'hello world in RoR (ruby on rails right???)...

i heard some stuf about it long time ago and i guess i liked the idea (but than again, im not interested in programming,
my last code was in Basic back in the PC-Dos eara...

the thing is that i do know some about the generics of linux as an os, and qute al lot on development (from a management point of view).

so id like to contribute a bit by the following satements ...

- adding a repos - will not solve you problems, - it may even get you into deeper ones,
thats why i would ever advice against porting the entire, project to ubuntu,

instead 'one' should focus on mimicing the project...

for example: apache on ubuntu is hardly diferent than apache on fedora, so the httpd.conf can be almost edentical...
(exept perhaps for a few file locations ...

for the most part - id say, let someone just write a script to use the ubuntu repos, download all your tools and apps, and start from there.... thus forking to a ubuntu compatible version rather than porting it...

dont worry - most of your code will probably never have to change, - HELLL i even suspect ... that its possible to
build a script, to checkout the source code - patch a few lines and compile it on ubuntu...

offcaurce - that autocopiled version will still have some issues that one should work on by hand, - but i sirriously supect it to work way better (and easier) - than to use alien (for instance) ...
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