Pia VPN hda Access

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Pia VPN hda Access

Postby Gzmester1 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 5:11 am

So after alot of struggle I finally got pia installed on my amahi server being able to connect to tunnel vpn networks. Tho I still need to apply a script for it to connect automatically, after the installation the transmission app suddenly stopped working even disconnected from the VPN tunnel .. also I see neither utorrent or qbit torrent is working but they have have done for me. Anyone know if there will be an update for them perhaps ? .. well my question really is does anyone know what settings I need to apply to be able to remotely connect to my hda from the OpenVPN client after pia is installed and connect to a tunnel network ? And will I be able to webhost transmission and access when I am connected to pia ? Maybe some people have been in the same problems that could help me on the way ? 😊

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