Installing Amahi 10 on Fedora 26

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Installing Amahi 10 on Fedora 26

Postby diecoetzees » Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:04 am

Dear Amahi & Forum users,

I'm desparately trying to get Amahi installed and working on my home server.
The server specs are:
IBM System x3200 M3 tower server running Fedora 26 (headless), full specs available at: ... qCcS6Nddnw

My issue is not the install it self, but the network dies after install and I can only access the server via console.
So after a bot of digging, I noticed something about my server. On the out side it has only 2 RJ45 connectors, however then you list the network interfaces in the Fedora Cocpit console, the console lists the following:

Name IP Address Sending Receiving
docker0 No carrier
enp0s26u1u3 Inactive
enp11s0 12.9 Kbps 6.2 Kbps
enp21s0 Not available

the ones enp11s0 and enp21s0 are the ones "connected" to the RJ45's from what I can see.

However after installing Amahi, it reconfigured my NICs and "chose" the one named enp0s26u1u3... Which does not have a port, but you have the ability to "link" or from what looks like, NAT it to either of the second or third...

WHen I tried that, the server reassigned a new ip to the enp0s26u1u3 card..

I'm stuck.
Surely there must be an easier way to het Amahi running..

What do I need to do, step by step to redo the installation. I have cleared everything and there is nothing in my Amahi control pannel. I want to do a fresh shart.
So what would my steps be?
remake a new server on my Amahi control pannel
reinstall Amahi
reconfigure Amahi to use a specific NIC?
then disable DHCP on my router?

PLease help - i'm desparate..

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Re: Installing Amahi 10 on Fedora 26

Postby bigfoot65 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:02 am

First of all Fedora 25 with Amahi 10 is the latest supported release. Fedora 26 is not currently supported.

Secondly, only one network interface is supported so disable one in the bios as identified in the hardware requirements guidance.

Finally, start over and follow the instructions precisely. Go to for the appropriate guidance.
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