Using Amahi to Replace 3 Seperate Servers - General Questions

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Using Amahi to Replace 3 Seperate Servers - General Questions

Postby Theprez » Mon Dec 28, 2015 1:43 pm


I'm curious about Amahi and potentially combining three separate computers into one.

In my home network currently:

I have a 1000x1000 fiber fed connection which goes to a dedicated i5 computer with a dual Gigabit NIC running PFSense for DNS, DHCP, NAT/Firewall/Port Forwarding and OpenVPN services.

For the media server it's running Windows 7 with Plex Media Server and is on an i7 computer with 32GB of RAM. Video content is served from a 3rd device and which is connected via NFS on the same LAN.

The 3rd device is an older synology NAS - it has 3 hard drives, supports drive pooling, drive encryption and crashplan for offsite backup purposes. Media content is housed here and is used by the media server via plex, roku and other devices.

Can Amahi duplicate the functions described above (and comfortably) using the i7 machine to replace the others? Does Amahi support 1000x1000 meg connections?

Thanks for the input.

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