New install, upgrade & migration

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New install, upgrade & migration

Postby thisispoki » Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:27 am

I've been using Amahi on a spare laptop for three months. After this time, I've decided that I would like to migrate it to a resilient system.

I am happily using DLNA, MediaWiki, a half-dozen Wordpress blogs, Crashplan, Gallery3, FreeNX, etc. on my current installation, serving media to a Boxee client, 5 laptops, a Pure Sensia wifi radio, an e-book reader, two Android phones and two iPods.

I've bought a 4xSATA hot-swap case, an ION motherboard and a couple of 1TB drives. I will install Amahi on that and migrate all of the data from my existing installation. Although my new box will use mirrored disks, I will investigate FlexRAID to see how that can integrate my external NAS shares and USB drive data with media served from Amahi.

Looking at the installations of the one-click apps I have installed in Amahi, there seem to be multiple locations where config files and data are stored. Obviously, this isn't ideal for migration, as I'll need to unpick the configuration data (and database entries) from the applications to copy them to the new server. Or is there a mechanism in Amahi to do this automatically?

The Amahi Wiki mentions how to have multiple Amahi servers enabled on a LAN. I presume I would need to register a new HDA to accommodate this. How would I then go about removing the extra HDA entry on the Amahi network when I'm done? Should I instead keep both Amahi machines connected, using one as my primary DNS & DHCP server and the other one as a hot backup? Is there provision for this in Amahi?

Should I install Fedora 14 on the new server immediately, or use Fedora 12 for the migration and see about upgrading it at a later date?

Does anyone have recent experience that they can share, of performing an installation / upgrade / migration?


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Re: New install, upgrade & migration

Postby sag47 » Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:27 pm

I'm no expert on Amahi and recently I installed the Fedora 14 version. Of the Apps you just mentioned, Amahi 3.6 on Fedora 14 has only MediaWiki and WordPress. It has other Apps as well but none you mentioned. Here's what mine currently has available.

Agedashi Theme
Celestial Theme
Colorus Theme
RPM Fusion (Free)
RPM Fusion (Non-Free)
Tin Can Jukebox
Touch Theme
iHama Candy Theme
iHama Theme
php Address Book

There is a list of Apps which work with it in the Wiki however the ones I listed above are the only Apps publicly available.

So you may wish to stick with Fedora 12.

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