Help with disk setup and partitioning for 1st timer

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Help with disk setup and partitioning for 1st timer

Postby strats » Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:17 am

Hello all,
I am trying to create a file and media server for iTunes and Picasa(might have to abandon if not possible) to access from my Win7 laptop and my Ubuntu w/ XBMC HTPC. I have the following disks at my disposal:

I installed Fedora12 the first time and it automagically created an LVM partition of 1.7TB and Amahi was up and running.
However, I wanted feedback on if this is the right way to proceed, since I read somewhere that I wouldn't want to use Greyhole on the same partition as the / and swap ?

I was going to use the 40GB for my root(~38GB partition) and swap(2GB partition since I have 4GB of RAM) partitions and the 320GB and 1.5TB as my Greyhole or keep the 1.5TB as data storage and 320GB as backup for irreplaceable pictures and home movies.

I would appreciate any feedback on the setup and whether LVM is the way to go?
Also, I don't know the exact procedure on NOT installing with LVM, since it was automatic the first time.
Thanks in advance for you expertise and wisdom. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Help with disk setup and partitioning for 1st timer

Postby sgtfoo » Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:44 am

For my first amahi install I tried LVM. It was a huge PITA.

Just let Amahi's Greyhole integration take care of all your storage outside of the root OS partition.

a good config for you, if I was to set it up would be like this:

40gb hd = 30gb ext3 partition for / (root OS) + 4gb partition for swap + remainder empty just in case
80gb + 320gb + 1.5tb = ext3 partitions. Set the 80gb as your /var/hda/files storage drive and then add the other two drives manually via: ... o_your_HDA

Then don't forget to use the storage pooling within the HDA/setup once it's all running.
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