httpd (apache deamon) with dockered nextcloud

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httpd (apache deamon) with dockered nextcloud

Postby akreaxun » Sun Mar 31, 2019 3:58 am


I hope this is the right place to find some hints on how to solve following problem:

System and Environment
I have amahi 11 installed. Since owncloud does not serve my needs I have nextcloud (NC) running on docker. For Intenetaccess of NC I have created files in '/etc/httpd/conf.d' to reroute (rewrite) my yourhda domain to 'https://'.

When I have 'httpd.service' active:
  • NC won't work giving

    Code: Select all

    Internal Server Error The server encoutered an internal error an was unable to complete your request. Please contact teh server administrator... More details can be founde in the webserver log.
    --> Problem lies in the conflict of port 443 already used by httpd.service
When I have 'httpd.service' inactive:
  • I cannot access hda in my LAN as it is rerouted to port 443 which is used by NC.
  • I cannot use certbot to renew a SSL Certificate as it relys on httpd service running.
  • I can temporarily activate httpd.service to get new certificates.
  • I can temporarily delete my files in '/etc/httpd/conf.d' to access hda.
Yet this is not satisfactory... I think the problems are related to each other so I have posted them in one topic.

Ways forward
  • For not being able to access hda while having "my files" in /etc/httpd/conf.d I may simply lack a correct

    Code: Select all

    <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName ServerAlias DocumentRoot /var/www/example2 ErrorLog example2.error_log </VirtualHost>
    entry in the correct file. Yet as I am a noob regarding httpd config and was a bit lucky to get the stuff working so far, I would be glad if you can help me out in pointing me in the right direction.
  • As for the port 443 conflict - I have absolutely no Idea how to address this one. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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