Network interface name changed on its own?

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Network interface name changed on its own?

Postby monoshock » Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:13 am

I have been trying out an Amahi install at home for a few months now just as a NAS. The box is an old Core2Duo PC with one ethernet on-board and two hard drives. I restarted the box over SSH terminal and could not connect to it again after the usual wait. When I went to the box and logged in locally, I found that the network interface did not have an ip and somehow the name changed. The interface is set to a static IP.

The interface name used to be called enp4p1 but was now p3s1 when I run "ip addr show". I also found the network.service failed to load and continues to fail when I try to restart using "systemctl restart network.service". The status pointed me to the fact that it couldn't find the old interface name. When I renamed the ifcfg-enp4p1 to ifcfg-p3s1, the service restarted fine and everything seems to work.

I'm curious how this might have happened, the box is very lightly used and I am not familiar enough with linux yet to update Amahi/Fedora after the initial install. I do recall two power outages in the past month that would have hard reset the box; but I was able to SSH into the box before I rebooted it.

Also, should I edit the ifcfg file with anything else after renaming it?

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