IPv6 Support in Amahi

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IPv6 Support in Amahi

Postby jaybea » Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:35 am

I have a native IPv6 connection to my ISP. My router handles the Router Advertisements and DNS for IPv6 Queries. The problem is that if the Router is handling IPv6 DNS, there seems to be a problem with Windows that causes it to send IPv4 queries to the router as well, where they are handled by my ISP's DNS and the local HDA addresses stop working (for example "loganalyzer.home.com"). (My Linux phones and HDA seem to be quite happy to send IPv6 DNS queries to my ISP and IPv4 queries to the HDA - there seems to be some debate about whether this is desirable behaviour, but it is good for me).

I would therefore like my HDA to handle IPv6 routing as well, and I am looking into how best to achieve this. My ideal would be that I can reach the HDA webapps through IPv6 and IPv4 (since I have a dual stack network).

This is a private project which involves me learning about DNS and Apache Virtual Domains in IPv4 and IPv6, but if this can help wider work on IPv6 compatibility for Amahi, I would happily contribute.

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