My custom web apps

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My custom web apps

Postby spatialguru » Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:16 am

During some prototyping, I packaged up a few applications, mainly for testing but hopefully will be useful to others. In the process and with some discussion with cpg we have a sort of standard developing that others can also mimic. For now, these are beta packages and are sure to change, but in case you want to have a peek, see:
  • Maps - for demonstration purposes only - embedding a free mapping tool that uses free map data in a simple page.
  • Blog - for running a WordPress blogging environment.
  • Mediawiki - for running an alternative to the built-in Amahi MoinMoin wiki. You can use the popular Mediawiki platform instead through this package.
To create these packages I do a few simple steps:
  • Create a new web app alias
  • Download the source application
  • Install it into the alias folder and test
  • Customise it, e.g. by initialising the database, adding Amahi branding, etc. Whatever it takes to make it easy to use right away for the users who will install it.
  • Compress/zip the web app's alias folder
The user then simply follows a couple of the same steps:
  • Create a web app alias
  • Log in through shell as root
  • Download and decompress the new app's package, making it overwrite or expand into the web-app alias folder
  • That should be all! Test it out, etc.
Expect this to eventually be handled by a one click option at the user's side. Wouldn't that be sweet! :)

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