Amahi Time Machine / Amahi 10 Status?

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Amahi Time Machine / Amahi 10 Status?

Postby tamorgen » Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:08 am

Has there been any progress on getting Time Machine to work on Amahi 10 / Fedora 25. I understand from Bug #2229 that Netatalk is not in the Fedora 25 repo, but it seems there were analternative:
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The EPEL version might work: ... x86_64.rpm
I've been in the process of updating my drives, and I wanted to take one of my drives out of the greyhole storage pool and set it aside exclusively for Time Machine. Has anyone been able to manually install Time Machine via another method perhaps?

The bug report said the target was for Amahi 10. Are we just looking for Amahi 11 at this point?

To add another wrinkle, I read elsewhere that current versions of MacOS are moving away AFP to SMB, but there are flags in the current versions of Samba that aren't quite available in the current incarnation, but may be available in Samba 4.8. This information was in an Ubuntu thread, but it appears that all versions of Linux are sharing in the Time Machine pain

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