Any Plans to Increase Amahi Sync Capacities?

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Any Plans to Increase Amahi Sync Capacities?

Postby Camperdownfamily » Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:14 pm

I have been looking at back-up options for my Amahi server, to back it up to the cloud.

I had originally intended using Cloudberry backup, but I have discovered that it's Linux flavour has a maximum backup capacity and then jumps up in price to a more enterprise level package for unlimited backup storage capacity - but that becomes expensive. Cloudberry backup is also not packaged for Amahi easy installation, and needs command line installation, which is challenging for complete Linux novices like me.

I am therefore keen on the principle of the Amahi Sync package, but the capacities are tiny! 150Gb these days is nothing. I have 1.8Tb of data on my Amahi server (in Greyhole) and with my children adding photos, homework, ripped CDs and other stuff all the time, that volume is increasing all the time. I have 9Tb of hard drive capacity in the server in total at the moment, and could increase that further.

Is there any plan to increase the Amahi Sync online cloud storage capacities to something a bit more chunky to allow meaningful backups? If Sync doesn't have that, are there any other packaged installed back-up packages which are able to backup the server to an online repository automatically, preferably with file level version control?

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Re: Any Plans to Increase Amahi Sync Capacities?

Postby cpg » Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:26 am

Yes. This brings up a good point and we should do this soon.

We have been meaning to work on increasing the allocations for a bit.

Two other features related to this that we're prototyping: make them encrypted at rest, so that even if the volume blocks are loose out there somehow, they data at rest is encrypted.

The second one is support multiple shares. We have a prototype of this and we're looking to releasing it along with the other features above.

Thanks for bringing up your feedback!
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