Crashplan on HDA Set Up

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Crashplan on HDA Set Up

Postby Chrisleen » Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:07 pm

I am trying to set up a PC and a Mac to an Amahi HDA running Fedora 19 on laptop (with a 60GB drive) with an external USB 3TB Drive.

On the HDA version of Crashplan you can set the location of the incoming backups. It lists the path for the backup destinations as /usr/local/crashplan/backupArchives How do I tell which drive thats on?

I am new to Linux so not quite sure how on the HDA to make sure that the Crashplan Backups go to the USB drive and not the harddrive of the laptop. Do I need to move where Crashplan is installeed? If so, how do I do that in such a way that all future backups will go to the right location.

I've ready the Wiki and Forums and have not gleaned how to do this.



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Re: Crashplan on HDA Set Up

Postby bigfoot65 » Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:41 pm

Not sure we can be much help here. Most of what you need should be in the wiki or the forums.

Maybe someone who uses CrashPlan can assist.
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Re: Crashplan on HDA Set Up

Postby jaybea » Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:51 am

You can change the location of the Crashplan backups from the Crashplan app on the HDA.

You need to open the Crashplan desktop application on your HDA, but the method for doing this depends on whether you are running your HDA headless or not. There are some instructions on the wiki here (the ones for Ubuntu work for Fedora).

Once you have access to the desktop application, go to Settings > General > Inbound Backup from other computers - Configure. At the bottom of the window, you can set the destination of the backup.

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