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TIme Machine Volume size resets after backup

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:42 pm
by deathstarz
I followed the directions in the wiki to adjust the volume size to 500gb and restart the netatalk service as root. When I start up Time Machine on my MBpro it shows xxx of 500GB. So it's working as it should, but at some point during or after the backup completes successfully, the main screen pops up again showing xxx of 934GB. If I check the volume sparsebundle in Disk Utility in OSX while its backing up it shows the 934GB as the possible volume size. Is there another step to keeping the volume size to 500GB without it resetting itself to 934GB, the entire disk size?
I'm running MAC OSx 10.9.5 and the latest version of Amahi 7.1, downloaded and installed about 2 weeks ago.

Here is a copy of my AppleVolumes.Default file:

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# # AppleVolumes.default automatically generated by Amahi # :DEFAULT:options:tm volsizelimit:476837.15820312494,upriv,usedots /mnt/f5a5d79e-abaa-48ba-b705-0b1a78836f28/amahi-time-machine "Time Machine" all$
Thank you all in advance.