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local host login

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:08 am
by Sathishkumar
AMAHI server is running
your local host login:

Is this userid i used to signup for amahi?
Whatever I enter,it it says login incorrect..
I read that server is up and running..But what is the local host login?I didn't configure local host while installing from Express CD/DVD.This is something I should done while installing?????

minimal installation didn't let me create a user login or anything of that sort! I tried all the user names.http://hda/ not working as well!

Re: local host login

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:38 pm
by bigfoot65
Sounds like you need to slow down and read instructions more carefully.

The Express DVD creates the user and the credentials are in the instructions.

As for minimal install, it tells you to create a user.

The HDA login is not the same as the control panel login.

Recommend you pick oneinstall method and follow the instructions precisely.

Also I removed you other post. No need to post twice about the same issue.

Re: local host login

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:07 pm
by Sathishkumar
Finally, I can LOGIN!!!!!!. I had seen some posts where Administrator is asking " whether Instructions aren't clear".To be honest,IT IS NOT!!!!!!! Please please please work on that documentation for installation.Already Linux is quite frustrating for noobs or newbies!! And this kind of abstract and ambiguous instructions are NOT GOING to help the users.I am just giving my opinion.I am requesting to close this thread as well. Thanks to the administrator who really understood me and answered my questions!!!!!!!!!!

Re: local host login

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:46 am
by bigfoot65
We are always looking to improve the install guidance.

If you could provide us some detailed feedback of what needs changed, it would help.

It's hard to simplify things without perspective from users with little or no Linux experience.