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Amahi 7 - Fedora 18 Remix DVD

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:24 am
by northridgegrp
First I have been trying to solicit input from various mailing lists and forums regarding workarounds for the Anaconda bugs. Unfortunately no answers nor any bug updates on the Red Hat Bug tracker issues. So as a result I have been pursuing an alternate method of delivery for A7/F18. :o :shock: :?:

Enter my remix of the Fedora 18 DVD of which I have not had any major glitches as yet. :roll: Yet. This is not an Express Installation :o , just a subset of the regular Fedora 18 DVD Install disc. It's not perfect as yet, I need to tune it a bit yet.


- 32-bit install.
- Includes Minimal Install and GNOME Desktop installation options.
- Includes mariadb rpms in the "Core" F18 Environment install group as type "default".
- Includes the 3 Amahi 7 rpms in the "Core" F18 Environment install group as type "default".
- If Minimal or GNOME are installed mariadb and A7 are installed.

I have done some preliminary testing on an old hardware box and it seems to work. :? But I do seem to have some challenges with A7 itself. Perhaps "bugs" in the current release? :| I will post my results on the A7 dev forum later today.

If this seems as an acceptable interim solution I will document my work on the A7 Build Machine forum for posterity. :geek: If acceptable we should post a wiki article on how to install and configure A7 for this disc method and the old standby. :idea: :?:

Re: Amahi 7 - Fedora 18 Remix DVD

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:00 am
by northridgegrp
I have just about completed my fine tuning for the Remix (F18 32-bit) DVD that I have built. I am going to be documenting all of my build steps this week. I have been able to repeat the build steps repetitively in the last 5 builds without any strange side effects. I am very pleased with this Remix. :D

Next Steps:
1. Document the F18 32-bit build steps on the wiki.
2. Work on a Minimal Install disc, in order to reduce the iso build size.
3. I was poking around the Red Hat bug tracker the other day and found a recent posting about a workaround when adding custom kickstart files to a Fedora Install disc. I am going to try testing it this week.
4. I noticed that there is a V13 of the Anaconda Installer in the F19 release today. I checked the F18 release and Anaconda V12 is still in testing. V12 (I am pessimistic about it ever seeing the light of day in F18 production) is the version being used in the F18 release I have been using in the Amahi Remix.

Thoughts :?: Feedback :?: