Testing Status: ownCloud Versions 8.2.3 and 9.0.0

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Testing Status: ownCloud Versions 8.2.3 and 9.0.0

Postby northridgegrp » Sat Mar 19, 2016 12:36 pm

Hello everyone I've just completed testing these two versions, I am sad to report these versions cannot be certified for production use. I have reviewed the ownCloud user forum topic areas for both versions and have found a lot of other people are having the same issues I had and more. Below is an overview of the main show stoppers.

Version 8.2.3:
SabreDAV is broken (admin. error message in the administration web panel). This provides WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV, and external "ownCloud client" synchronisation services. Some internal ownCloud applications also use SabreDAV.

Today I downloaded this version again and the ownCloud page was blank. I also tried updating using the occ command-line app and it reported a PHP error in one of the ownCloud modules.

There appear to be no workarounds.

Version 9.0.0:

Reports also indicate that SabreDAV is broken.

Today I downloaded this version and had the same results as in the version 8.2.3 tests.

Next Scheduled ownCloud Version Releases:

8.2.4 (2016-05-03)
9.0.1 (2016-04-05)
Obviously we will be testing version 9.0.1 first. If successful the ownCloud version 8.2.x line will be dropped from Amahi.

I am sorry to report this, there is nothing that can be done until the ownCloud folks get the flaws fixed. We have to be patient.

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