ownCloud 8.1.3: External Storage Support/File Sharing

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ownCloud 8.1.3: External Storage Support/File Sharing

Postby northridgegrp » Thu Sep 24, 2015 1:35 pm

When using External Storage Support application (i.e CIFS, Samba, local directory tree outside of the ownCloud tree, FTP), this also includes the use of the "File Sharing" application, "shared folder(s)" refuse to mount. This results in users that are members of any external storage security groups to not see their shared folder(s). Other sharing configurations using the internal ownCloud tree work fine.

A bug report has been files with the ownCloud organization. They have done some initial analysis and "think" the problem is in the File Sharing application, as a result effects the External Storage Support application. Unfortunately there is no work-around at this time. We will have to wait for the next version release (8.1.4?).

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