ownCloud Version 5.0.x Testing Status

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ownCloud Version 5.0.x Testing Status

Postby northridgegrp » Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:59 am

Detailed tests have been conducted since the release of 5.0.0, the latest release v5.0.3 in the last few days. As a result of these tests, especially when doing upgrades, it was decided that the current release is not stable or trustworthy to be used in a production environment. This is also a general feeling in the "ownCloud (oc) Community Project" family of users according to postings in their forum.

Here are a few of the issues:

- After an "upgrade" (oc 4.5.8 to 5.0.x), a user logs in and can't see their files. Or another user sees another user's files but can't navigate to them. Suggested workaround? Empty the oc filesystem cache table. It fixes the problem of a user seeing their own files. But it introduces another problem...
- After the above item, all sharing of files/folders by security group or direct to an oc user id is destroyed. All sharing has to be re-set up again. However, External Sharing, (i.e. to local filesystems external to the oc filesystems) is still in tack.
- Picture gallery uploads and refresh scans are vvvvveeerrryyyy slow.
- The Music application does not read MP3 ID meta tags. Although you can still stream music.
- Sharing files/folders by public hyperlink is busted. They only just got it to work again in v4.5.8.
- Shared calendar items cannot be edited, except by the owner.

We know that the ownCloud Community developers are currently working hard at stabilizing and fixing bugs. Until then the Amahi Community will be staying with the ownCloud v4.5.x release series until v5.0.x is production ready.

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Re: ownCloud Version 5.0.x Testing Status

Postby bigfoot65 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:59 pm

Thanks to northridgegrp for staying on top of this one. We have so much wiki guidance that no one should every have a problem with ownCloud :)
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