ownCloud Version 4.5.8

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ownCloud Version 4.5.8

Postby northridgegrp » Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:08 pm

ownCloud v4.5.8 has been released with some bug fixes:

Fix foldersize checks to validate zip input size
Offer download of shared dir as zip only if zip size limit is not exceeded
Escape more characters for LDAP search
Fix versioning together with real home directories
Multiple XSS vulnerabilities
Contacts: Bypass of file blacklist
user_migrate: Local file disclosure


The ownCloud Community recently released version 5.0.0, this is a major overhaul of the ownCloud software. Amahi Community package testing has revealed known bugs that are currently being experienced by ownCloud Community users when upgrading from ownCloud v4.5.x to v5.0.0. Due to the nature of the bugs, at this time, Amahi will only provide a "point update" of the Amahi ownCloud package. Amahi testers will continue to monitor the progress of the ownCloud v5.0.x bug fixes and test point updates until the new version is stable for the Amahi platform. Your patience will be appreciated at this time. All Amahi ownCloud users are encouraged to implement the ownCloud v4.5.8 as it is important for future upgrades to v5.0.x.

The Amahi Team

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