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Possible use of Lubuntu 12.04??

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 6:53 am
by droth49
Has anyone tried installing Amahi on Lubuntu 12.04? It is a stripped down version with a simple GUI.

Re: Possible use of Lubuntu 12.04??

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 4:33 pm
by bigfoot65
Not heard anyone using it but might work. Be aware Fedora 19 is the only officially supported distribution for Amahi.

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Re: Possible use of Lubuntu 12.04??

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:17 am
by droth49
Bigfoot, I have install Amahi using Lubuntu 12.04. I have actually done it on two separate machines and two separate install codes. It occupies 3.4 Gig not including swap space or storage. So the system does not seem bloted and it gives me a gui to work with. I am sorry but I am just not a fan of
Fedora and for that fact some of ubuntu. But I know a little more about ubuntu. My next step is to try and get VPN working. Is there anything you might want me to try with this install? I am amased at how well thing work when I can find them! However, I have a lot of trouble as a newbie finding things. Any suggestions? My goal is to create a headless home server for backup, file sharing, printing and limited web services. I also see several apps that look very interesting but not a lot of information on how to implement them from the client and/or server side. Any suggestion you might have, or anything I could do to make things work better with my limited knowlegde, for the good of the cause, would be apperaciated. This is good stuff!

Re: Possible use of Lubuntu 12.04??

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:48 pm
by bigfoot65
Understand. We all have our own preferences in OS distros. I was just cautioning you about what OS to use as Ubuntu is in maintenance mode for Amahi. Typically means we will not release any new features or apps.

Amahi 7 on Fedora 19 is where our attention is currently focused.

Re: Possible use of Lubuntu 12.04??

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2014 4:05 pm
by droth49
I understand, just wanted to let you know.

Re: Possible use of Lubuntu 12.04??

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2014 4:25 pm
by bigfoot65
Not a problem and glad Lubuntu is working for you. I am partial to Ubuntu, but Fedora 19 seems to work much faster and better for me.

Re: Possible use of Lubuntu 12.04??

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:28 pm
by bigmango
Be aware Fedora 19 is the only officially supported distribution for Amahi.
I was just cautioning you about what OS to use as Ubuntu is in maintenance mode for Amahi.
What???? Are you joking?

When did this happen? There was no info about this?

We finally had a stable server with up to date software support since it is running on ubuntu LTS (5 years support). Don't tell we there is no Amahi for the next ubuntu LTS that's coming out in 2 months? Are we back to the Fedora nightmare? And without warning???????

Please don't tell me we are back to Fedora, with outdated software, no security updates, etc... For a SERVER!

I used Amahi Fedora in the past. Result:

- The Amahi Fedora was regularly End of Life (at least once per year) so no security updates anymore for several months, the Amahi team being too small to keep it updated (Thats also why the Ubuntu 5 years support is great, the Amahi team can handle upgrades every 5 years. But not Fedora).
- A lot of software was always dropping support for the Amahi Fedora version as it was End of Life, so no updates anymore.

Don't tell me the kids and the kitchen table geek home developers have won Amahi over to force a SERVER to run on Fedora? How do you guys want people to take Amahi for a serious SERVER OS?

Crap !!! I don't want to go back to the nightmare of having to reinstall a new OS versions on my SERVER all the time. We had enough of this.

Re: Possible use of Lubuntu 12.04??

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 5:36 am
by cpg
Hi bigmango,

Relax. Your server will not stop working any time soon. You don't have to reinstall. Let it run.

For Pete's sake, we still see Fedora 12-based systems today.

I will not rehash all the reasons we're taking into account for our roadmap (the main one being contributions and expertise to drive the project).

Most of what you cite is largely emotional. We're trying to make the best of what we have and we want more contributions (example: file a bug with details on how to make things work on Lubuntu).

Think of how much you value your data. How much you spent on your hardware.
Now think of how much you paid for Amahi.

Re: Possible use of Lubuntu 12.04??

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 11:15 am
by droth49
Well I am new to amahi, and even though I have been working with linux for years, I am nothing more than a user. Red Hat Fedora was one of he first flavors of linux I used but as a user found it difficult and soon left it behind for I don't remember what. I landed on Ubuntu several years ago and loved it but when the move to Unity came I be gain looking for something better. For me Mint was the answer. But it too has its issues.

Currently I have a Amahi running on two machines. One with fedora and the other I just started with lubuntu, main reason is I have some goal in mind for the server I want and I could not easily get there with the Fedora install. The lubuntu on the other hand came up and started working great with the basic amahi setup and because it is a long term support with updates feel good about it even thought it is not all I am looking for. I need a gui to set up print server and war never able to get VPN working on my Linux machine to get it done in fedora. I am looking at setting up some other things once the family is comfortable with how it works. Still plan to work with the Fedora 19 but only as I gain a better understanding of things.

Point I guess I am trying to make is that because of how things get done in the Linux world you will never find just what you want unless you understand how things work. I need lots of direction and to that end Amahi folks have done a better job than most for users, which is not saying a lot. I do wish things were better organized in terms of how to get thing going. I find myself doing a lot of searching and reading and being concerned about asking question that a new user might have. What I think some of the developers forget is that a home user is not familiar with a lot of things like ssh, vpn, web server and etc as the pertain to not only a server but also to a client. I would like to see more how to's on either/both ubuntu or fedora concerning just the basic of setting up the system. Though I am not a great writer I would be will to write out what I did in away that I think a beginning user could understand. I guess that is why I don't understand the comment about filing a bug with details. I would be happy to outline what I did to get lubuntu working if that is a problem for someone. Most of the information is on the site in bit and pieces. If I could get a better idea of fedora would do the same.

However, I do have to agree with bigmango that if fedora does not have a long term support policy that makes it a poor choice as a server that goes into the future. At the same time I understand that if you have developer that work with fedora and not ubuntu one has to go where the help is.

Re: Possible use of Lubuntu 12.04??

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:34 pm
by cpg
Thanks for chipping in. BTW @droth49, your subscription as member of Amahi Pro makes possible to keep Amahi going -- much appreciated and we'd like to know what can we do (services, support) to improve the Pro experience.

Again, I rather not go into the specifics (too long, done before a few times esp. in IRC), but it turned out that the grass was not greener in Ubuntu land, like all the fans promised.

Not only the community is a mess in Ubuntu. Debian people, who know their stuff, reject helping on Ubuntu (it's NOT Debian!), and Ubuntu community people are largely clueless on technical stuff. Their process is largely driven by Canonical and they barely contribute to Linux at all.

The Fedora community may be dry, but generally RedHat people are everywhere and (generally) take contributions and help, even if they disagree with the way Amahi works (they are close-minded, their paycheck is on the line).

In any case, I don't get why people are so obsessed with security patches when Amahi systems are run behind a firewall. Only once in the history of Amahi we had to release one security update. It was a DNS server bug where updates on the internet side of DNS server could potentially creep into the local DNS server. But even then, it was extremely remote that anything could come into a private network. Your server will continue running for years and years if you let it run!

The bottom line is that Fedora, their repos, packages, etc. are managed professionally and, as hard as it is, Ubuntu is nowhere near the level of professionalism and execution as Fedora.

We tried it at great effort and we mostly made it work. If we have Ubuntu contributors, we will support the next LTS.

That said, some things are changing in this area at RedHat. They started a new server initiative and they reached to the Amahi community to
Maybe something comes out of it. Also, RedHat acquiring CentOS may bring changes in this area as well.