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OpenVZ Fedora-Amahi!

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:07 pm
by sgtfoo
I wanted to see if it would work, as theoretically, it should work just fine..

OpenVZ containers are virtual machines in the sense that they use shared kernel resources from the host node, thereby allowing for excellent efficiency. As many as 200 containers can run on a single piece of hardware.

So long story short...
-create new HDA in
-create Fedora 14 x64 VZ container
-as it's purely command-line from the start, do the manual install
-when installing specify the ethernet device as the name that was generated for the VZ container (eg: mine was venet0:0 instead of eth0)
-run a 'yum update -y'
-visit the IP in a browser
-setup users

The only issue is that storage attachment is limited to the node machine filesystem mounting abilities and network attached storage filesystems.

I'll add this to the wiki once I gather all my steps from this.