Need help VPNing to my plug

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Need help VPNing to my plug

Postby dumbledore » Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:16 am

I've been trying to VPN to my hda from a Linux client and I'm not sure if I'm in.

I had to make two modifications to the instructions at

First, since I can't use the domain name of my hda as listed on the control panel I used the IP address reported on the amahi control panel. (This is a separate problem...Why can't I use the domain name from outside my LAN even though http://hda and http://<appname> work inside the LAN).

Second, I had to use sudo to run
openvpn --config myvpn.conf
to get it to work.

Once I figured that out, I get to a username and pwd prompt followed a slew of console messages. The last of these indicates "Initialization Sequence Completed" and nothing more. This seems normal, but is it?

So am I connected? How do I get to my plug (especially my files) at this point?

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