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install on dreamplug

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:10 am
by dumbledore
I'm trying to run Amahi on a Dreamplug that has UBoot dated May 31 2011, which doesn't have ext2load available. I can install (to an SD card), but can't boot, presumably because the Uboot version doesn't have ext2load available.

I can think of three ways around the problem, but I don't have the skills to execute.

Option 1:
Reflash Uboot to add the ext2load command. I need detailed step by step instructions and a method to recover the existing Uboot should it fail. I didn't find that easy to follow.

Option 2:
Modify the Amahi installation script so that it creates a dos boot partition. Alternatively, modify the existing ext3 installation on the SD card to create a dos boot partition and migrate /boot to that partition. I believe I would also need to modify /etc/fstab (how?) and one or more of the files in /boot (how?) to make this work.

Option 3:
Install Amahi to a microSD card and use this in place of the shipped microSD. Presumably this still leaves me with the missing ext2load problem.

Any help (in the form of step by step) greatly appreciated.

Re: install on dreamplug

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:10 am
by dumbledore
Solved my own problem by modifying the amahi installation

I created three partitions on my SD card:
a small (5Mb) dos boot partition
a large ext3 partition (for the rootfs)
a swap partition

I modified the create amahi disk shell script:
defined $partition as being on the second partition instead of the first and the swap on the third instead of the second.
commented out the mkfs.ext3 command so as to leave the card formatted.

After running the script, the rootfs is installed on the second partition, so I copied the entire boot directory to the first partition, deleted the uImage symlink (it won't copy to the dos partition) and renamed the amahi- file to uImage.

modified the environment variables to point to /dev/sdb2 instead of sda2

Re: install on dreamplug

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:09 pm
by bigfoot65
Awesome. Would you please consider adding this info to the wiki. There may be other users who could benefit.

We try to use the wiki as our primary library of info and help as its easier to search and find topics.