Pogoplug E02 with Amahi 7 on Arch Linux ARM

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Pogoplug E02 with Amahi 7 on Arch Linux ARM

Postby trw3937 » Wed Aug 20, 2014 1:36 am

Stay tuned this could be happening soon. Preliminary ARMv5 tests I've done have been promising.
CPG is helping improve my initial testing.

Also, Mattman has added a wiki page for running Fed 20/AM7 on a Raspberry Pi (ARMv6). Thanks Matt!

Things are only in a testing mode right now. Please comment if you have any interest in Amahi 7/8 on your flavor of arm hardware.
I'd be curious to see how much interest there may be for the ARM platform here since it's been dormant for a few years.

The arch and fedora arm wiki's have a platform list of supported models to peruse.

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