Windows 7 laptop can't access Amahi shares

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Windows 7 laptop can't access Amahi shares

Postby mosslack » Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:45 am

I've been putting off writing this for some time in hopes I could figure it out on my own, but I need help. Let me say right off the bat that this is a Windows problem, no fault of Amahi that I can tell. Reason I say that is because this system has always had some problems accessing other systems on my LAN. I just figured some of you may have experienced this also is why I'm asking here. If I Google the problem I get hundreds of reasons for this problem and so far everything I've tried this time has not fixed the problem.

I think the problem may be related to a couple of things. For one, I have the DHCP server running on both my router and Amahi. I've tried turning off the router DHCP server, but that didn't seem to help. At the time I was having issued with setting up the Amahi shares and so I wanted to keep using the router DHCP server so my network would stay up. Another problem is how Windows sends a request for access using the computer name instead of the domain name. I read about this in the wiki, but nothing I tried worked. I'm a bit unclear on which Samba log you are supposed to look in to see which name was sent and if that is the problem. Only thing I did see was something about the password not matching. Thought maybe it was an upper/lower case problem, but changing that didn't help either. I use the same name and password on all my LAN systems.

I also have a Window 7 desktop system on the LAN which IS able to fully access the Amahi shares, which makes this seem all the stranger, but as I said, this laptop has had problems accessing other systems on the LAN in the past. FYI the laptop is wifi and the desktop is ethernet cable.

Also I think I can rule out the laptop hardware as the problem. I ran Fedora 25 workstation on the laptop as a live user and was able to access the shares just fine. All the problems point to Windows as the culprit. In the past if I had a problem, I could sometimes reboot the server and the laptop and all would work just fine. So far that has not worked in this case. When it does work, it works great. No need to put in a name and password, it just works from the get go. That is how it works on my Windows desktop system as well. Just bring up Windows explorer and the HDA is shown with my two shares present and fully accessible.

If anyone has an idea or has maybe run into this problem I would certainly appreciate hearing about it. Other than changing the OS on the laptop, I'm about out of options. Thanks for listening...

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