Avoiding vanishing samba users with upstream Fedora update

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Avoiding vanishing samba users with upstream Fedora update

Postby cpg » Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:47 am

We just released some fixes to hdactl to avoid conflict with upstream samba-common updates. This only affects users that update their system
by hand (i.e. with the desktop tool or yum).

You can tell if you have the issue if the file /var/lib/samba/private/smbpasswd (in your HDA) has only one user called guest and the others are not present.

This hdactl release introduces a fix to avoid a somewhat serious (but not-security) issue with samba upgrades. Some users that updated their Amahi Fedora 9 system by hand encountered a subtle issue with legacy samba files that effectively made their (samba-only) users vanish. This fix avoid that issue for users who upgrade going forward. A fix for existing users will be announced later. This has been reported to Fedora samba maintainers.

This introduces hdactl-2.28, which eliminates some legacy files that were not in use. Essentially the samba upstream update moves secrets.tdb and smbpasswd files in /var/lib/samba/private to the same filenames with a ".old" suffix, replacing them with generic versions of those files that were (unfortunately) around from legacy releases, generated with system-samba-config.

The way to manually fix this issue and bring the users back from the land of the dead is to copy the .old files to the regularly named counterparts.

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cd /var/lib/samba/private service smb stop; service nmb stop mv secrets.tdb.old secrets.tdb mv smbpasswd.old smbpasswd service smb start; service nmb start
Thanks to JenZ for volunteering his machine to debug via VPN!
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