Ipsec VPN help

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Ipsec VPN help

Postby garlar4 » Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:47 am

Ok so i have my amai using IPsec VPN. Works great on seeing all my shared folders in amahi. I leave my conection up for days at a time using my office computer to move files around between the office and my house. The problem i have is i have set up a 2nd ubuntu linux server at the house. When i am home i can move around all my shared folders without incident. how ever when i am connected to my VPN from the office i only see the shared folders on amahi and i can not ping or talk to any other ip addresses on my network. I only did the standard install of IPSec and have not set up the route all traffic threw VPN yet. I tried this when i first set up my VPN and every webpage kept timing out. so i kept the settings set for split traffic.

Thank you

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