Upgrading RAID drives

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Upgrading RAID drives

Postby rdagijones » Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:04 pm

I don't know if this is the right place on the forum for this or not.

My setup is an OS drive (Fedoa 14) and two 1TB RAID 1 drives mounted at /var/hda/files. It is a software RAID I set up when I installed Fedora/Amahi. I have two 2TB drives that I would like to use to upgrade the storage space. What is the best way to do this?

Options I could think of are:
Option A
  • * Backup data
    * Shut down server
    * Unplug one 1TB drive
    * Plug in one 2TB drive and let the RAID software build the RAID on it
    * Once successful, shut down server
    * Unplug the second 1TB drive and plug in the second 2TB drive
    * Allow RAID software to build the RAID on the second 2TB drive
    * Learn how to resize the partition (Could gparted do this?)
Option B
  • * Backup data
    * Return /var/hda/files to the OS drive
    * Shut down server
    * Remove RAID drives
    * Install new drives
    * Create new RAID 1 of drives (Need a step-by-step on this one)
    * Mount new RAID at /var/hda/files
    * Copy data back in place
Is there some easier way that I am missing?

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