Problems with applications>serviers and monit

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Problems with applications>serviers and monit

Postby rgmhtt » Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:21 am

As good as any place to post this...

I don't know which hdactl update did this too me but...

I had disabled dhpcd, openvpn, and samba on my mail server. I also had to manually stop nmb, as this was not included in the samba service.

Anyway, now dhcpd and samba are running courtesy of moinit.

hda>setup>applications>servers shows that neither dhcpd nor samba are NOT being monitored. Also chkconfig --list show these services disabled. But when I look at the /var/log/monit, I see monit starting them.

Seems to be a bug. Why are these services now starting and how do I get them stopped for good???

I don't want these services eating up cycles and memory on my mail server...

Oh, in /etc/monit.d/ there are dhcpd.conf and smb.conf files, but no openvpn.conf.

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