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Replacement for ConfigAmahi?

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:29 pm
by gtach
Hello, I did the jump and installed F14 and Amahi6 on a test machine to get going with replacing WHS. I'd like to see performance, WOL, Greyhole and Backup sort of running before leaving WHS behind.
It worked well so far, with two problems.

As the HDA will sleep when not used, using it as DHCP and DNS is not an option as of now, so I disabled both servers. Then I reconfigured DNS with help of system-config-network and restarted network. Worked fine.
With Amahi 5 I used to run ConfigAmahi to make the changes permanent, but this command is not found any more, so after reboot all settings are reset.
How is this done with Amahi 6?

Perhaps not an Amahi problem, but the HDA does not come out of sleep when woken by WOL. Fans and disks come up, but it just hangs. Any tips on that?

Many thanks in advance