OpenVPN server and client on same machine

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OpenVPN server and client on same machine

Postby br0wnserver » Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:16 am

I have been using the openvpn plugin setup from amahi without issue for a while now. I would like to expand my horizons and also add a layer of browsing/downloading privacy by having a client VPN connection from my Amahi machine, to a torgaurd server. I am running on Fedora 19, and I tried installing the VPN via the network settings GUI, and everything is entered correctly, but when I click "Add" nothing happens.

OpenVPN is not the only option available for most of the servers, but I am most familiar with openVPN so I'd like to remain using that platform if at all possible.

Does anyone who knows how the openvpn plugin was setup have any ideas on how I would go about doing this?

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