Clients can't connect with ipsec vpn on Ubuntu

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Clients can't connect with ipsec vpn on Ubuntu

Postby drbones » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:57 am


I've been searching high and low trying to figure out where my problem is, and I haven't found a solution.

About 2 weeks ago I setup ipsec-VPN on my Fedora 14 Amahi server so I could connect my new iPad to the server remotely, unfortunately the HD on my the server failed a week later. (Fortunately, I had a complete data backup!)

I decided to do a complete reinstall and just restore my data which is when I discovered Ubuntu is now the officially supported distro for Amahi. I'm quite familiar with Ubuntu having used it sporadically for the last 6 years on different machines.

I easily set up ipsec-vpn on the Fedora Machine, but I just can't seem to make an ipsec connection. I'm not sure if the issue is a user problem (me), a difference with the platform (fedora vs ubuntu) or a setting issue.

Here's what I've done.

1. Completely reset my router (DLink DGL-4100) and re-setup port forwarding. (I know that port forwarding (UDP 500 & 4500) is set up as shown on the wiki and that the port forwarding works for openvpn, so I don't think the router is the issue.

2. Uninstalled IpSec app and rebooted the HDA

3. Reinstalled IpSec app and rebooted the HDA again

4. Checked to see that the ipsec service is running in the setting section

What else should I do? I know that I can't make an ipsec connection while on my home network, so I've been connecting to my neighbor's wireless network (with his permission as I set it up for him) to test the connection.

Any suggestions would be helpful!


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