Cannot install free apps, plus a doubt regarding paid apps.

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Cannot install free apps, plus a doubt regarding paid apps.

Postby sam9s » Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:16 am

HI All

I just downloaded the Amahi-7.1-x86_64-DVD.iso express CD and installed amahi on VM to try it out. Everything worked well and the installation is complete.

I'm now able to access my Amahi setup (via http://hda/setup) from any other networked PC's browser. I have also been able to map some of the available shares to any of these other PC

Now I am trying to install/try out some apps (free for now).

When I go to my Amahi setup at http://hda/setup & then click the "Apps" tab, it tells me the following:

There are no Apps installed at this time.
Try installing some Apps » +

So I click the + sign, but it then tells me the following:

There are no applications available at this time.
This could be due to a lack of network connectivity.

this is getting me confused. If I click on "Get Apps" I am taken to "". There I do not find any option to download the app, or bring it to my hda machine.

There is no lack of connectivity as I can access net just fine. I also can ping AMAHI sever vice versa. Not sure where the problem is.

Can some one assist me installing some free apps to try.


Another part of my question is. Say suppose I purchase any app and it appears on my dashboard (assuming thats how its suppose to be) ... and thenI decommission my server, delete my account and remove everything. Later say after a couple of months I reinstall AMAHI re create my account and setup everything all over again. Would I be able to get back my paid apps. If yes, what would I be doing for that .....


Thanks for assisting and apologies for a big post.


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Re: Cannot install free apps, plus a doubt regarding paid ap

Postby bigfoot65 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:44 pm

First recommend you try the network troubleshooter. There is some sort of connectivity issue or you would see apps. ... leshooting

Paid apps are exposed on the HDA, not downloaded from the web site.

As for removing your account and getting back paid apps, that is a case by case situation. I would recommend if you decide not to use Amahi that you don't remove your account. If you think you might want to come back, best to just leave it there. It will not hurt anything.
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