mt-daapd segmentation fault

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mt-daapd segmentation fault

Postby mdg78 » Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:23 am


I am pretty new to amahi. I am attempting to get a system set up and running. I installed amahitunes, but the server kept failing. When I try to manually restart mt-daapd, I get a segmentation fault. I also tried uninstalling amahitunes and installing mt-daapd manually, and I get the same issue. I have a pretty large music db (~14000 songs). It takes a while to scan. Also, it seems when I run it with -d9, it gets hung up in random places. I can get this to run fine in an ubuntu system, but not with fedora/amahi. Any suggestions on where to start debugging or if someone already knows the answer? (I did a search here and on google, but could not find anything that I could interpret properly)


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