Plex help, deleted movies section

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Plex help, deleted movies section

Postby anovak765 » Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:59 pm

Problem: I finally got Plex media server to work, added my TV shows in the shared folders, as well as some movies. The tv show section worked fine but the movie section is not. After 3 movies, Plex stopped recognizing any new movies that were added to the folder. I wanted to see if I could delete the "Movies" section and re-add it to see if it would work, but now I do not know how to add the "Movies" part back so I can add the media. Can I I just add the individual section? Or will I have to reinstall Plex all together?

Manual Configs to the system: none

OS system: Fedora 19
Amahi version installed:

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