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HP Proliant Microserver advice

Posted: Mon May 31, 2021 2:24 am
by mcsweeneysonline
Hi all,
Well, after years of having a non active WHS2011 unit sitting in the house, I have decided it was about time I got the thing up and running so I can share family pictures music and videos both inside and outside the house. I have now installed Amahi on the G7 N40L unit successfully, and have halted whilst I decide how to set the rest of it up. I imagine that there and several people within the community who have already been through this process who i can ask for advice to hopefully avoid pitfalls. In the unit, I have 4 standard HHD's. I am not looking too spend much money on this project at the moment, but my first question is should I consider a SSD for the operating system? does this give any real benefit? Also any suggestions on how to best setup the RAID.

Thank you in advance