Cant change admin password solved.

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Cant change admin password solved.

Postby tinkit » Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:09 am


Im new to Amahi and have a bit of a problem... that i just solved.

After some research i see that i have done almost the same thing as eFfeM in the thread

When installing Amahi i didnt follow the manual exactly. Which lead to the result of a admin user whit no name. So i cant change the password or even remove the user whitout getting the error "Name måste anges" (name must be given).

I just realized that its possible to change the names of the other users but not the admin user. This because if the admin user dont have a name there is nothing to click on to change the admin name. But when i realized that its just a javascript in the gui that enables the edit filed when clicking i could easy use firebug, enter a value i the <a class="name_click_change"></a> tag, then klick that temporary name and update the "name"....

After that i can easy change the password :) So, not a problem but a solution that should maybe be implemented in a future release.

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Re: Cant change admin password solved.

Postby bigfoot65 » Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:17 am

Please bug report with the details.

This will help us prioritize potential issues.
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