Help me understand VPN (OpenVPN)

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Help me understand VPN (OpenVPN)

Postby luco » Wed Apr 20, 2016 7:16 am

From reading about the OpenVPN, I understand that it enables me to securely connect to my Amahi server. I would like to confirm my understanding with a few questions:
1. After connecting to Amahi from a VPN client, I can just launch a browser and access my Amahi server by going to "http://hda", correct?

2. Does OpenVPN on Amahi work the same as any other VPN? In other words, when I connect to OpenVPN service on Amahi, while I have my OpenVPN client going, I am essentially browsing web as if I was at home? So, I can use the service to securely access my email, banking etc. websites even on a public wifi?

3. If I setup 3rd party "outbound" VPN service on my router (e.g. PIA), will I essentially be using that 3rd party service by default since I connect to my network via OpenVPN@Amahi and then outbound traffic goes through my router, which has the 3rd party VPN service/proxy, correct?

4. Regarding #3, can the 3rd party VPN credentials or proxy be set up directly inside OpenVPN app on Amahi rather than the router?

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Re: Help me understand VPN (OpenVPN)

Postby Gallnegard » Sun May 13, 2018 10:58 pm

I have the same questions.
Can I use a vpn service that I have in amahi somehow instead of using the router for that?

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