Set Amahi DHCP to allocate NTP address to clients

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Set Amahi DHCP to allocate NTP address to clients

Postby austwhite » Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:07 pm

I have installed the AMAHI NTP App/daemon on Amahi 8 (Fedora 21) and I was wondering how I can set the AMAHI DHCP Server to allocate the NTP Address (the address of the AMAHI Server) to the clients as the NTP server.
At this stage with the app installed, the clients (particularly IP phones and the like) are not getting told an address for a NTP server via DHCP.

Also, in similar vane, (but different question) can a TFTP Server address be added to DHCP options to allow clients to see this?

These need to be able to be permanent entries, not temporary until next reboot / update.

Maybe there are other DHCP options (like domain name) that can be made visible in an advanced section of DHCP setup also.
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