Plex or OwnCloud

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Plex or OwnCloud

Postby sakhmed » Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:18 am

Hello everyone!

After a week of reading and researching, I managed successfully install Amahi-8 on my old dell xps x64 PC. It was also relatively easy to setup Greyhole and to backup my Windows machine to Amahi. Thanks for the great product and wiki/support.

Now, I am thinking about the best way to organize my media files. As far as I could understand for that matter I can use either Plex Media Server or OwnCloud. I have never used any of them and I wonder which one will work for me. Can anyone advice me on the matter, what way should I go?

Here is what I am looking to accomplish:

1. I want to have all my media files to be centralized in one place on Amahi (not clients' devices);
2. Several people of my family should have access to that centralized location and be able to modify files edit/delete them;
3. Stream files if needed;
4. Keep files on a device (mobile device) for offline viewing or listening;
5. Sync mobile devices' camera to Amahi centralized location (media server).

Thanks in advance!

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